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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page of our esteemed Christian school. We understand that choosing the right educational institution for your child is a significant decision. This page aims to provide you with comprehensive answers to the most common inquiries we receive from parents and students.  

What’s The Dress Code At Parkwood?

School uniforms ensure that all students wear the same clothing regardless of their background, socio-economic status or fashion preferences. This promotes equality and reduces the pressure of competing in terms of fashion among students. It also helps establish a sense of discipline across the school.

All students should arrive to school in their school uniforms.

Students are required to wear:

Dark Blue, Khaki or Blue Jean bottoms (pants, skirts, jumpers, dresses, overalls or shorts)

Solid White, Light Blue, Navy, Red, Black or Gray tops (Polo, T-Shirt, or Tops)

Any Parkwood Apparel

Shoes must have heel straps, no flip flops or crocs.

If a student is dropped off without appropriate uniform clothes, the parents will be contacted to bring them a proper uniform.

Uniforms are optional for Special Occasions (student birthday, classroom holiday party, dress up days and special events)

All clothing must meet the minimum requirements for DCPS standard Dress Code.

How Does Parkwood Handle Bullying?

Parkwood takes all reported acts of bullying seriously. In accordance with Florida Statute 1006.147, “The Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act”, the Duval County School Board adopted Anti-Bullying Policy 10.20 to address bullying in the district. Bullying should be reported to the designated school administrator and investigations of alleged incidents will be investigated at the school-level.

Incidents of bullying or harassment can be reported in multiple ways:

Contacting the school principal/assistant principal directly by phone, email, or in person.

Calling 904-721-2719

What is the student-to-teacher ratio at your school?

Elementary class sizes are limited to 15 students.

Preschool class ratios are mandated by the state.

What grade levels are offered at your school?

We serve infants through 6th grade

How do you support the spiritual growth and development of students?

We are a ministry of Parkwood Baptist Church. Teachers and staff, as well as church staff are prepared to support students spiritually throughout the day. It is a priority to us that students utilize the Bible as a resource and we instill a firm foundation in Christ.

Are there opportunities for parents to be involved in the school community?

Parents are invited to volunteer for events throughout the school year. PAC (Parent Advisory Council) meets quarterly and is always looking for new faces.

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