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A firm foundation

Prep School

Introducing 7th Grade for 24-25 School Year!


Parkwood Preparatory School is dedicated to providing a Christ-centered education to children from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Our curriculum integrates Christian values and teachings into every aspect of learning, fostering spiritual growth, character development, and academic excellence. Join our close-knit community where your child can receive a well-rounded education rooted in faith.

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We Use The I Ready Curriculum

ELA i-Ready is a comprehensive and adaptive English Language Arts curriculum that combines rigorous instruction, engaging multimedia resources, and personalized assessments to support students in developing their reading, writing, and language skills. It provides targeted instruction and practice to meet the individual needs of each student, promoting academic growth and proficiency.


Math i-Ready is an innovative and personalized math curriculum that empowers students to build strong mathematical foundations and problem-solving skills. Through interactive lessons, adaptive assessments, and targeted instruction, Math i-Ready helps students develop conceptual understanding and critical thinking abilities.


StemScopes is an engaging and comprehensive science curriculum that sparks curiosity and fosters scientific inquiry. Through hands-on experiments, interactive simulations, and rich content, StemScopes provides a dynamic learning experience, empowering students to explore the wonders of science and develop a deeper understanding of the natural world God created.

Social Studies/History- Studies Weekly

Studies Weekly is an immersive social studies and history curriculum that brings the past to life through vibrant texts, engaging activities, and thought-provoking discussions. Studies Weekly enables students to delve into historical events, understand the significance of key figures, and develop a broader perspective on the world, fostering a lifelong appreciation for social studies and history.

Tuition & Fees

  • Application Fee:

    Non-Refundable, Due at time of application

DescriptionAnnual10 Month
Enrollment Fee
Book Fee
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School Improvement Fee
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Before & After Care

Annual10 Month
Morning only (7am-9pm)


Afternoon (3pm-6pm)


Full Day (7am-6pm)


*Any fees not covered by scholarship programs are the responsibility of the parent

* Multiple child discount 8% off of tuition only (second child and each child thereafter)

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Parkwood Prep School is a Christian school that places a high emphasis on academic excellence. The school’s curriculum has been chosen in order to be developmentally appropriate for each grade level, ensuring that students are challenged but not overwhelmed. The school’s Christian values are woven throughout the curriculum, helping students to develop a strong sense of ethics and morality.